The Recycling Experts in South Chicago, IL

Trash Container — Recycling Removal in Chicago, IL
Auburn Disposal wouldn't be a great waste disposal company if we didn't offer recycling removal too, which is why over 20 years ago we added a recycling service. We value our environment and want to divert as much waste as possible from our landfills.

Like our trash removal service, we'll provide you with a properly sized recycling container that is equipped with clear instructions and a list of acceptable materials. We also provide a Recycle Plan to satisfy the requirement for the City of Chicago Recycling Ordinance. Call 773-233-7577 today.

How Our Recycling Service Works

We use a “single stream” method to collect your recycling which simplifies the process for you because we collect the waste with one specific designated container and a different truck than our regular trash removal. After the recycled material is picked up, we take it a facility where it's sorted. If you would like to schedule recycling disposal, call 773-233-7577 today.