Recycling Services

We offer recycling service as supplement to our waste service. We’ve been doing this for almost twenty years now as a way to divert waste from landfills and reuse some of our precious resources. We employ what is known as a “single stream” method of collection. This simplifies the recycling process for you and allows us to collect the recyclable materials with a single designated container.

We collect these materials with a separate truck. The truck that picks up your waste will not be used to pick up your recyclables. Your recyclables are then taken to a local facility that sorts these materials.
They specialize in preparing these materials and marketing them to end users.

We will provide the right sized recycling container for your needs. It will be clearly labeled with instructions and list the acceptable materials. We’ll also provide you with a Recycle Plan to satisfy the City of Chicago Recycling Ordinance.

Although this service has a small additional fee, many customers end up saving money because they can reduce their waste service.

Click to view recycling plan pdf